The Vintage Leather Barcelona Chair can be a Great Choice


The Barcelona chair has a piece of history attached to it. Though originally designed by two German designers, the name stuck to it because it was unveiled for the first time in the Spanish city in an expo. This special design of the chair continues to be popular and there are other furniture brands making the vintage leather Barcelona chair, and you can pick one of them from any major furniture store around where you live.

The Traditional Design and Upholstery

This German designed chair has a metal frame over which the seating is constructed. For many years now, the frame is being made with stainless steel pipe or alternately a chrome pipe. The whole frame is now made into a seamless structure, and the cushion fixed on the piping with the help of leather straps. The upper upholstery is made with finely crafted leather with a smooth nappa finish and with square piping and tufted buttons in the middle. This completes the vintage leather Barcelona chair for you. You can choose the color of the leather, which is in black or brown or other available colors with the designer furniture dealer you are buying from.

Wire Chairs and Other Chair Types

Besides the Barcelona chair, there are other designs of chairs quite popular with the designer furniture stores. One of them is the Harry Bertoia wire chair. As is obvious, the designer of this chair is Harry Bertoria and the uniqueness of the piece of furniture lies in wire mesh like structure. It is stainless steel that is used as crisscross members to make an aesthetically beautiful shape in this chair. For the seat portion, a black upholstered piece is used. The chair has been ergonomically designed and has that designer look to it, which only those with that type of inclination can fully appreciate. There are floor glides to comfortably place the chair on the floor and pull. The chair has a seating height of 44cms. If you dig a little deeper, you could pick one of these chairs at a discount online since there could be a ‘sale’ on.

Barcelona Seats also Quite Popular

Besides the vintage leather Barcelona chair, you can find the BarcelonaLove Seat also among the designer chairs listed in the stores. On first looks, this piece of furniture has a similar shape and style as the Barcelona leather chair, but this is a longer type couch and has three sets of legs instead of two. While the height, depth and the seating height would be common, the width is almost double at around 150cms. The color of the upholstery can be chosen from black, brown and white and this chair can be placed anywhere to add to the appearance of the room.

Designer furniture has its own value for locations and buildings and there are many buyers who search for and buy these pieces of furniture. These chairs may be found under a generic category of lounge chairs and many more types than the ones described above can be found. As mentioned, one can even manage to pick up a few items at discounted prices.