Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting Influenza Vaccine

Getting an annual shot of influenza vaccine is recommended as the flu season starts. Despite the fact that it is administered often and is quite common, there are still some questions on most people’s mind about the type of vaccine used and its effectiveness. There are also concerns about safety. Hence, it is important to know as much information as you can about the vaccine before you decide to get administered.
influenza vaccine
Below are some of the flu shot common questions and the corresponding facts behind them.
How Effective is the Vaccine?
This is the first question that most people have about the 2017 flu shot. There are several factors that can affect just how effective a vaccine is against the influenza virus. However, recent studies have shown that it can reduce the possibility of acquiring this virus by 50-60%. This is a huge amount of protection as compared to not having the vaccine at all. It is also important to take into account a person’s risk factor (such as pre-existing medical conditions or age) as it can also reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.
What Benefit Can You Get?
The number one benefit is the protection from getting sick due to the flu virus. Another benefit is that even when you acquire the virus, its impact on your body and health would be greatly reduced as compared to those who did not get the vaccine. This is especially true for children; children without the vaccine could be hospitalized when exposed to the virus. Check out
In general, the vaccine is therefore a protective tool for anyone who could possibly get sick from the virus, regardless of age.
Does It Work for Everyone?
It depends on one’s health condition by the time the flu vaccine Gold Coast has is administered. It works best on older children and adults in good health condition. Proper dosage is also recommended to ensure effectiveness.
How is the Dosage Measured?
It is important to get your vaccine from a qualified healthcare professional or clinic. They are the ones with the expertise to determine the right dosage of vaccine for the person according to age, height, weight, and health condition. The dosage is therefore not the same for all.
Will Repeated Vaccine Reduce Its Effectiveness?
There are no definitive answers to this; however, there are health studies that show that the vaccine is most effective when it is administered for the first time. This is also the reason why a person is recommended to get an annual shot in order to stay protected against the virus. It is not conclusive if the yearly shot will be more effective than those who do not get vaccinated every year, though.
Is Vaccine the Only Way to Protect Against Flu?
Getting an influenza vaccine is the most recommended way to protect against the flu virus. However, if you cannot have access to the vaccine, you can take antiviral drugs instead. A prescription from a doctor is recommended before you can take them, though. Other factors such as healthy diet, washing your hands frequently, and covering your mouth as you cough contribute to stopping the virus.
Would you like to learn more about influenza vaccine? You can speak to health professionals at Make sure you get the information only from certified and trained professionals so you can get the correct information and avoid potential health risks.