Dress Shopping Guide for the Mother of the Bride


The day when you give your daughter away in marriage is almost here and you want it to be as special as possible. But because you’ve been filled with different emotions lately, you forgot that you also need a dress for the wedding—and it should be the perfect one for you. To help you get started on finding flattering mother of the bride dresses for plus sizes, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Take cues from the bride.

Most weddings have a theme, color, and degree of formality, so before you start shopping for a dress, make sure to talk to the bride about her vision for her big day. This will help you get some ideas on flattering mother of the bride dresses for plus sizes that will fit the occasion. Picking out your dress should be a great opportunity for you and your daughter to bond too, so make her part of your shopping experience. Send her photos of the dresses that you like, ask her to come with you to look for options or any ideas she might have about your dress.

Start shopping early.

Traditionally, you will be picking your dress before the mother of the groom, so it’s best to start shopping early so you can give her enough time to pick a dress that’s as special as yours. Once you’re done buying your dress, inform her and let her know about the style you picked so she will also have an idea on what to buy for herself. For sure, you both can agree on one with the plus size collection of dresses available in specialty stores and online shops like The Dress Outlet.

Set a budget.

Whether you’ll be paying for your mother-of-the-bride dress or not, it’s important to have a budget in mind before you start looking for options. There are many flattering mother of the bride dresses for plus sizes out there for every price range, so you don’t have to stress over the budget when picking your dress.

Keep the wedding colors in mind.

You probably love a pink dress because the color fits you well, but if the wedding palette is blue, you should save that pink dress for another occasion. Remember that you need to choose a mother-of-the-bride dress that will blend nicely with the rest of the wedding party dresses. Still empty-handed? How about visiting for lovely options or simply click here.

Take comfort into consideration.

No matter how gorgeous a dress looks on you, if you can’t stand, sit, or dance in it comfortably, it won’t be worth it. Comfort is key when choosing a mother-of-the-bride dress because you’ll be wearing it for several hours. So, unless you want to spend your daughter’s big day fidgeting with your dress, you need to find one that’s comfortable enough for you to move around freely.

Of course, you can’t forget about investing in the right undergarments. Remember that what goes underneath that dress is crucial because it can make your body look smaller, be used as a slip and make you feel confident to pose for those wedding photos. So, take the time to pick the right undergarments to go with your gown. For more details, check it out at:

Top Questions to Ask When Planning for Your Wedding


Some couples invest a fortune simply to have an extravagant and gorgeous wedding, while others choose simple celebrations. Whether you choose a simple or luxurious wedding, what matters is that you and your loved one share the very same objective as you begin your life together. Make sure to get everything ready before the wedding to avoid last-minute stress. Pick the right mother of the bride dresses for your parents and the parents of your groom.

If you want to toss a sophisticated wedding, but is afraid of investing excessively, you do not need to stress. There are budget-friendly alternatives that you can try. Your wedding can still look attractive without going over your budget. With affordable bridesmaid dresses or mother of the bride dresses, your wedding will be a success.

If you have not yet finalised the concepts for your wedding, here are a few questions that you should answer:

Question #1. Have you looked for ideas online?

The web has a lot of wedding resources for the modern bride. You can discover motivations when searching for the right mother of the bride dresses along with bridesmaid dresses. You can also discover providers of trendy wedding invitations, wedding favours and wedding reception venues ideal for your wedding. Whether you want to be a hands-on bride or merely want to find ideas online, you will definitely find the motivation to make your wedding a success.

Question #2: Have you sourced the right wedding vendors?

Preparing for your wedding is not limited to setting the wedding date and choosing the very best wedding venue. You also require to choose wedding vendors like the following:

  • Wedding Store — Every bride wants to look their finest on their special day. You should also choose appropriate bridesmaids dresses and plus size mother of the bride dresses from reliable couture shoppes. Picking a shop that supplies bridal dress and clothing for the parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen clothing will be a great choice.
  • Image and Video Professionals — Your wedding will not be overall without using expert photographers and video experts. It would be outstanding if the photo and video specialists provide picture cubicles for your visitors to take pleasure in.
  • Transportation — Besides picking a bridal automobile to utilize after the occasion, you also require to think about your visitors. You may have visitors who live out of town and providing them with a reliable method of transportation will be an exceptional help.
  • Catering Services — There are locations that presently have their internal catering services that also offer a delicious menu for your wedding celebration. Make sure to do a taste test to ensure that the food is extraordinary if you would rather pick your own catering service.
  • Flower Designer — Your wedding will not be complete without flower designers to decorate the venue with fresh flowers. You can request your selected flower store to use your favoured flowers according to the theme you chose for your wedding.
  • Cakes and Pastries Supplier — Your wedding cake will be the centrepiece of your reception. People will want to see you do the conventional cake cutting custom-made with your groom.
  • Hair and Makeup — Looking your finest on your wedding is your goal. Guarantee to utilize experts in bridal hair and makeup that will improve your natural beauty. Make sure to analyze their portfolio and request for an appearance test before the wedding date.

Question #3: Have you chosen practicality over lavishness?

While absolutely nothing is wrong with advanced and expensive wedding events, you can also be practical. Search for economical places for a wedding celebration that will fit your tastes and budget. Being practical does not imply that you should cut corners all the time. It simply suggests you will not be tossing an event that is beyond your monetary ability. Score classy yet affordable mother of the bride dresses tea length by visiting for useful details.

Why Sterling Silver Earrings are More Than Just an Alternative to Gold?


Jewelry is the most popular form of accessory. You can add it to your outfit to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your look. With more jewelry trends hitting the market, it becomes difficult to choose one to suit your style. But if you are looking for classic jewelry trends, you should consider investing in sterling silver earrings. There was a time wherein silver was considered inferior to gold but things have somehow changed. In fact, more people are choosing to invest in silver jewelry over gold.

Gold vs Silver

Several years ago, gold is considered as the top notch metal when it comes to the manufacture and purchase of jewelry. But silver is slowly but surely taking over the scene. One of the main reasons why silver has earned the nod of consumers over gold is the fact that the former is more affordable. Indeed, gold is very expensive and buying sterling silver earrings is more practical to your budget without compromising style.

Speaking of style, silver and gold are equal. In fact, a lot of women prefer the subtle sophistication and charm of silver jewelry over gold, which can draw a lot of attention to itself. Silver is therefore the best option for women who like to keep their style subtle.

What’s in Silver?

In order to understand what goes into your investment, it is important to know a little bit about silver. Most silver jewelry or metal by-products sold today contain about 92% of silver. The rest is either made up of copper or nickel. The mixing of metal is recommended in order for the silver to attain shape, strength and sparkle than when you use pure silver. This explains why silver jewelry is considered to be an alloy of the metal silver itself. It pays to know that when you are shopping for sterling silver earrings or other types of jewelry in the market. In addition to improved strength and better sparkle, mixing silver with other types of metal will also make your jewelry more long-lasting.


Sterling silver is known for its hardiness and durability. Therefore, it will stand the test of time and will not get damaged easily regardless of the condition it is exposed to. You can also easily re-polish your sterling silver jewelry in case there are damages. It will easily restore the look and feel of the silver jewelry.


In terms of artistry, you will not be disappointed when you choose to invest in sterling silver earrings or jewelry. The fact that silver is more affordable than gold or platinum, it is easier and more practical for jewelry designers to cast their desired design using this type of metal. For this reason, you will find a wide range of styles available in the market as compared to gold jewelry.

The fact that people find silver and gold (even platinum) easily interchangeable is a good thing. If you are on a budget but would like to invest in a quality piece of jewelry, silver is the way to go. You will experience the same quality and durability minus the price tag!