About Us

So~lee~ehn, whose meaning is, “…a rare find, a treasure”

Soleyne is the manifestation of a 3-year effort to create, on the world wide web, a comprehensive, strictly reviewed and beautifully presented evolution of the fine brick and mortar galleries that we have all known and loved in the “real” world. Times are changing, and we tip our hats to those lovely stores that have gone before, many of whom (fortunately) still thrive even in these hard times.

As with any new project within a whole new format, the development of Soleyne has been both a joy and a tremendous challenge for Ms. Susan Moberg, Soleyne’s “birth mother”. And after literally years of development and refinement efforts by Susan and her staff of “street wise” artists/business people, Soleyne is now aggressively reaching out to artists, and by summer 2009, to the public-at-large.

Unlike virtually all other online art sites, Soleyne is specifically designed to NOT become the sadly jumbled mish-mash of art, and “art-like” disciplines. Although we are liberal in our categories and our selection about “what is art”, we are strict about the quality and presentation. Patrons and browsers will not have to sift through pages and pages of marginal artistry and crafts in order to see solid, excellent artwork and artists in a wide variety of venues.

Susan Moberg’s personal story is probably a kind of artist’s cliche: impressed beyond measure when very young by a lovely and talented neighbor/artist, she became enamored of the arts only find that her father considered the arts merely an “adjunct” to a good life – certainly not a primary pursuit! Struggling through schooling with such disappointing judgements towards what was clearly (at least for her) her artistic passion, she passed to adulthood where she took the initiative to attend several prestigious design schools and personal studies in several artistic disciplines. Before long, her business sense (the father’s viewpoint perhaps…) and her own artistic drive found her busily involved in her own successful faux-finishing business decorating homes, offices, restaurants and even churches.

A serious injury falling off a scaffold while doing venetian plaster technique was a bit of a wake-up call for Susan, who, by now, had already dreamt of the Soleyne concept. Her efforts thus turned to the how-to of creating Soleyne and gathering together the expertise and refining the ideas that are now manifest.

We are just at the beginning. The larger Soleyne concept goes well beyond a simple online gallery. Susan’s dreams see Soleyne as a reference point – a household name that not only means a brilliant, high-quality selection of the best of the best in many venues, but Soleyne is also to become known for arts promotion, both locally and nationally, an arts educational resource, an artists learning resource for creating and marketing their art – and much more.

Please bookmark Soleyne, come back often and please, patronize our fine artisans. The dream will evolve…