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This patron wishes to “join” by supplying contact information. In doing so, they will receive newsletters and emails relevant to Soleyne patrons. They will be able to participate in auctions, use our “Discoverit” feature, and track artists, specific artwork and specific auctions.
Invited “Pre-Approved” Artist
The Soleyne Panel has found and already reviewed the work of this artist and has determined that the artwork meets the standard and criteria that we have set. Provided they list in accordance to all Soleyne Artist Guidelines and stipulations, they may use the pre-approval code on their invitation to directly set up their presentation live on the Soleyne Gallery. Invited artists should be aware that they *may still be asked to refine their site once listed* if the Soleyne staff feels the listings could better conform to the Artist Guidelines and the Soleyne Gallery vision.
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Applying Artist
Please upload 5 pieces of your artwork in the genre/discipline you wish to present on Soleyne. Please also provide your profile information. The more complete information you provide us (product description, dimensions, etc.) the better we can make our decision. When completed, you will click the “request approval” link and we can promptly view your submissions and notify you regarding our decision. If approved, you may then complete your presentation (multiple views, complete descriptions, etc.). Please be aware that after approval and posting, we may ask you to refine or enhance your offerings on Soleyne to assure your listings meet our requirements to present the best quality, with clear accurate descriptions in a “ready to buy” format for the viewing patrons. If you have not already done so, please read our “Artists Guidelines”.
Gallery Owner
Soleyne maintains a special section of artwork of various artists that are also represented by a “gallery member” of Soleyne. Gallery owners may create an account in this section of the online gallery and present Soleyne various artists that they would like to show under their gallery name.
Soleyne maintains an additional section of the online gallery for the Collector/Reseller or Artists’ Agent to submit for approval and subsequent listing artworks they own or broker for other owners. Soleyne must review each submission in this section and ownership/authorship of the artwork must be fully and accurately disclosed in the listing when approved.